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Innsbruck, 28. February 2010
Visions- und P3M-Workshop

Event-picThe first part of the workshop "P3M - Von der Vision zur Umsetztung - systemisches Prozess Projekt ProgrammManagement" began with an highly exciting introduction about paradigm shifts in European and Austrian health, welfare and social systems and the potential for the opportunities that offer the younger generation, the "Young wild".

In the next 5 to 15 years, many actors from the health and welfare system will retire. This provides the possibility to enter into the system strongly, and to change it from the inside out. The different generations – older as well as the younger - now have the chance to decide how our future work place will look like, how we lead and want to be led by others, how the health and welfare systems will look like in European regions.

Event-picMrs. Ucsnik named some other examples, which are from highest importance, the aging pyramid and generational contract and the changes in the structure of the hospital landscape.

To take all these projects to be tackled, we need the techniques of process, project and program management.
The nature and scope of an organization influences the competitiveness. This does not only apply the economy but also the health systems. But the competitiveness of the actors in the system is not the only challenge.

Thus, the system changes represent a loss of power for many participants in the system. Therefore new health and welfare projects done by the different generation need to planned and executed excellently. For this reason we, the mentees 2009/10, are looking forward for the next part of the workshop in April 2010 in Graz where we will focus how the use the methods of "P3M - Von der Vision zur Umsetztung - systemisches Prozess Projekt ProgrammManagement" as well as leadership renewed.

Mag. Iris Wieshofer, Mentee 2009/10