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Alpbach, 25. August 2009
Kamingespräch: „Reform of the Social Insurance System“, Alois Stöger
  • Guest: Austrian Federal Minister for Health Alois Stöger
  • Moderation: Anna Antoni, Club Alpbach Medica
Federal Minister Stöger introduced the Austrian health system as a system, which is financed by means of solidarity to which 98,8% of the Austrians have access to. He mentioned that the rules of a free market, can’t be adapted to the health care sector as health care creates the most valuable good in our society – “health”. Moreover it is proved that a non-solitary financed system leads to higher costs for the patient. Nevertheless western societies in Europe have to face raising health-care expenditures and there is the tendency to reduce governmental financing of health care services. Austria reacts by the development and implementation of a new tool of financing - the so-called “Kassenstrukturfond”. This provides additional money (45 million Euro) to finance the health insurance companies, additional to payrole - based financing.

Another major issue of Austrian health policies is to promote health prevention and to raise the individual self-responsibility of the Austrian citizens, for example by focusing on sustainable and healthy alimentation. According to the FM Stöger the relationship between doctors and patients are the most important key within the healing process and should therefore be supported. In terms of medical training it is important to take ones responsibility and support the attitude of mentoring the younger generation. When asked about how one is nominated FM of health in Austria – besides political engagement for a long time “You have to leave your cell on!”

Erich Viskocyl, Mentee 2009/10

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